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January 12, 2013
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Fan Fiction: The Mortal Guardian: Jack Frost x Reader

Chapter 1: First Encounter  

The alarm clock awoke you quickly. Groaning you turn to it and shut it off. Turning to the window you sighed happily, winter came it is your favorite time to do anything that would give you a proper challenge. Getting up you walked to the fridge and grabbed (favorite breakfast food) even though you were 18 and lived alone due to the fact your mother disappeared when you were 6 and your father apparently died in a battle or a war of some kind before you were even born. Social Services called you the impossible child that went through many foster homes. Thinking back at all the homes you were transferred to the only thing that made anything problematic is the nightmares you kept having which made you scream every night. They seemed to be an endless stream of darkness. Even now you are haunted by them but they don't seem to bug you like when you were a small child. You thought inside your head (name) that is the past. Get over yourself. It is the past gone, done, finished, quit focusing on it.  

After breakfast you got dressed and headed outside for your usual run down to the lake. Halfway down a snowball hit the side of your head then you were being pelted by five kids who knew you. Smiling you ran at them, they scattered you caught a few the rest tackled and dog piled you to save their friends. You and the kids laid in the snow laughing hysterically. Helping each other up, you went your separate ways. A cold wind blew like someone was sad to see the fun end. You shivered from thinking about the wind and how it could be a winter spirit named Jack Frost. You heard many stories about him but most disrespect him and say he is nothing but trouble. You shook your head and thought Well if I got the chance to meet him (if he existed) I would thank him for the cold beautiful weather. You always hated the heat.

Finally arriving to your destination you stopped and took a short break. Looking out to the middle of the lake where a small man-made island was formed stood a snow sculpture you have never seen before. You wanted to see what it was so you slid across the ice. Occasionally you would throw in some fancy footwork, but stopped when a breeze blew across your face. You could have sworn that within that little playful breeze was laughter. Shaking off the feeling you approached the snow sculpture behind it was a bench made completely out of ice. Sitting down on it you looked at the sculpture it looked like a globe with five figures standing on what I think to be the North Pole. There was a fat but fit looking man with a long beard, a human hummingbird, a short man with weird fluffy hair, a rabbit on steroids, and a boy he looked to be about your age. You couldn't help but ask out loud "Who are they?"

A voice beside you answered "Well I wish I could tell you that they are guardians of all the children, but you can't hear me never mind see me."

You turned to the voice and saw a boy sitting next to you. Freaked out you fall over the arm of the ice bench and smacked your head on the hard ground causing you to black out.


You slowly open your eyes to find yourself face to face with a handsome boy. His hair reminded you of the untouched snow that fell the previous night. His eyes were like kaleidoscope of water and ice blue. The only thing that you found weird was his odd fashion. He wore a blue hoodie that was interwoven with silver thread at the top and shoulders like ice or frost, and beige sweatpants that also had interwoven frost patterns,  no shoes. At first you thought you were dreaming... testing that theory to see if it was a dream you poked the boy's cheek, it was cold that it snapped you back to reality realizing a stranger was staring at you and somehow in your house. Jumping off the couch you grab the nearest weapon you could find... Your walking stick, but the boy didn't know that it was made for decorative purposes.

He held up his hands in surrender "Woah! No need to get violent now, I just wanted to make sure you were ok and not dead."

"Who are you?" You ready the walking stick just in case he decides to attack.
He smiled "Maybe this will give you a hint..." He cleared his throat. "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire."

He looked at you as if passing on the next verse. You responded "Jack Frost nipping at your... nose, no, no, na-uh, no way, this can't be true, no, I'm just going mad that's all."

He laughed "You wish it wasn't true, but now that you believe in me... well you are going to be seeing me every winter. Once you believe and see it is hard to convince yourself that all of this is not real."

You groaned and sat on the chair that was behind you "What do you want from me?"

"Nothing, it's just I never knew a person your age that can see me." He tilted his head in curiosity. You got up and went to the bathroom washing your face in cold water. Jack chuckled in the background. "Still thinking you're going mad?"
You dried your face off "Yes and no. Yes to the fact you're real. No to the fact you could just be a person with white hair because of some gene that caused your hair to be that way."

"Let me show you something." You walked into the living room. He approached one of your windows and touched it. Ice started spreading on the window pane. He looked back at you, your mouth was semi-gapping open. He turned back to the window pane then looked around your house. He looked at one of your paintings of a stag and made an outline of it. Closing his eyes he literally pulled it off the window and created an ice figurine of the stag. Your mouth dropped but you closed it quickly. All in all your brain was still trying to process this new info.

Jack set the figurine in your hands. You looked at it and whispered "You really are Jack Frost."

He simply nodded "Yes, I am..." he made his way to my back door. "I see you need some time to process this, well new experience so I'll leave you to it, but if you want to ask more questions meet me by that lake where we first met. Oh and don't worry that figurine will not melt" He silently opened the door and left.

You sat on my couch for a few moments. Then you ran to your room grabbing your winter coat and gloves. You slipped on your boots and ran down to the lake. Luckily you didn't trip on the way. All your head was repeating was this is crazy... This is crazy.
So I was bored and Then I was watching youtube videos of "Rise of the Guardians" then I started reading fan fictions so I made my own fan fiction. In which a LOT of fan girls (including me) love the Jack Frost x Readers. So hopefully to those who read it enjoy it.

Character Jack Frost does not belong to me.

Next: [link]

Please Comment if you want this fan fiction to continue
I am fairly new to this whole fan fiction reader thing.
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